Rosalind Nashaishibi @ Edinburgh Art Festival


Underwhelming new film work from Turner Prize nominee.

Earlier this year, as Edinburgh Art Festival announced their 2019 commissions programme, I remembered being excited to see what Turner Prize nominee Rosalind Nashashibi would bring to the table. With the promise of a new film incorporating science-fiction and time travel i marked the dates in my diary and looked forward to it with high expectation.

Ironically, if the non-linear time Nashashibi is so interested in was available to me now I would probably erase my diary and forget all about it. This two-part film is not worth waiting for

Fusing ‘narrative techniques with observational footage’ the film is intended to blur staged scenes with reality. The effect is more like an overlong instagram story that follows a fairly lack-lustre group on their travels. Non-sequential footage flits this and that way with a stop-start rhythm that lacks intention. Narration is provided in the form of a rambling conversation between participants. Non-linear dialogue is to be expected, but inability to express a point feels indulgent. The physics of time travel has been set for today’s class… and no one has done their reading.

Rosalind Nashashibi is on show at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art until 25 Aug. Part of Edinburgh Art Festival.

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